Invest & Improve

Product improvement is the result of investment and continuous improvement. We invest in our R&D centers and testing methods to ensure accurate, efficient data collection. The result is continuous product improvement for you.

Global R&D centers

All of our facilities are designed with high biosecurity and efficiency standards in mind. We are also always looking to automate certain processes that elevate accuracy.

The presence of global R&D centers allow us to offer a “glocal” solution that is tailored for your needs. Through all of these investments, our products are continuously improving over the generations.

global r&d centers.png

Continuous improvement

In all of our products, we focus on key traits that matter to you: livability, egg quality, productivity, and reliability. A large part of this advancement is due to the longer testing cycles of up to 100 weeks.

By measuring performance longer, we are able to select the birds that will be healthy and successful in our customers’ barns for a longer period of time. Year over year, you can count on steady, measurable improvements in product performance.

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