Breeding and Genetic Center "Sverdlovsk"

Breeding and Genetic Center "Sverdlovsk"

Breeding and Genetic Center "Sverdlovsk".

Since 2014 it has been a joint venture with ISA Hendrix Genetics. The Sverdlovsk Breeding and Genetics Centre for Cross Breeding "Hisex Brown" and the reproducer of the 1st and 2nd order "Dekalb White" was founded in 2009.

Thanks to closer cooperation with the company "ISA Hendrix Genetics" PPR "Sverdlovsky" has expanded the assortment of egg crosses poultry offered for delivery to its clients.

PPR Sverdlovsk, LLC is a new generation enterprise established in accordance with the world biosafety standards.

Our products

We aim to provide value at every stage if the value chain from breeding and genetics to delivering healthy, good quality eggs to the end consumer.