Published on Sept. 10, 2021

CHI Farms is looking for a Head of Feed Milling Department

Chi Farms Ltd. is one of the leading livestock companies in Nigeria with its head office in Lagos, Nigeria. The Company has over 1,500 employees, a central warehousing and distribution center, one meat processing site and twelve poultry hatching and rearing sites. Chi Farms Ltd. is active in the areas of feed milling (poultry, aqua), poultry hatching (grand-parent stock, parent stock), aquaculture (catfish), commercial broiler production, cattle fattening and dairy cow breeding, and meat processing. Chi Farms is part of a larger group of companies with over 9,000 employees in Nigeria. The group is in the ownership of a European family with a long term vision for ambitious growth across the African continent.

Feed Mill Manager

The Head of Feed Milling Department has the responsibility for production of poultry and fish feed, (possibly in the future also cattle feed), feed formulation, oversight of feed milling operations and machine maintenance, and supply chain of the feed mill / warehousing of input products and finished goods.

Subject to successful management of the feed milling operations over a relevant time period the Head of Feed Milling Operations would be eligible to expand responsibilities also over other areas of the farming operations of the Company.

Academic and Professional Qualifications required for the job position

  • Degree in animal nutrition or feed technology
  • Certifications in relevant management topics are a bonus (veterinary science; health, safety and environment; human resources; production and process improvement etc.)
  • At least 10 years of experience in poultry feed formulation and production for GPS, PS and commercial broilers, and fish feed
  • Emerging market experience preferably in Africa, alternatively in other markets with tropical climatic and business conditions
  • Energetic and hands-on personality willing to work on a large farming estate
  • Ability to do properly use Word, Excel and other basic computer programs for reporting etc.

Key tasks and responsibilities

Feed production: The Head of Feed Milling Department is responsible for the production/processing of ca. 150 MT of poultry feed, fish feed, full fat soya and concentrate per day. This includes interaction with production departments to define specific product demand, production planning, and assurance of product availability in a timely manner whilst always maintaining highest quality standards.

Feed Formulation: The Head of Feed Milling Department is responsible for the definition of new feed formulations, constant review of existing formulations, and interaction with the Company’s international knowledge partners to pilot new product innovations.

Feed mill operations and maintenance: The Head of Feed Milling Department is responsible for all operations of the feed mill, including human resources (staff selection, staff development, precise job descriptions), processes (process mapping, standard operating procedures), and administration (record keeping, reporting etc.), as well as technical maintenance.

Supply Chain: The Head of Feed Milling Department is responsible for definition of procurement needs and quality control of procured raw materials, warehousing and treatment of raw materials (particularly soy, maize, additives and packaging materials), and storage of finished products.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Housing can be in Ibadan (Oyo State) or at the Farm Estate (Ajanla Farms), 20 minutes outside of Ibadan
  • Housing will be provided, includes all services, electricity, water
  • Provision of personal steward for cleaning and cooking
  • Provision of company car (Toyota Corolla) with personal driver
  • International Health Insurance package
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • One economy class flight home for annual leave, includes family
  • Local allowance of ca. NGN 250,000 per month (USD 500)
  • USD salary for monthly savings of USD 4,000 to 5,000 per month, depending on experience and qualification of candidate

For more information, contact Martin Middernacht,

Phone +32-479-540143


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