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We aim to provide value at every stage of the egg value chain from breeding and genetics to delivering healthy, best quality eggs to the end consumer. We have always embraced the past to catch the future, and as a result of our strong history in poultry breeding, Hendrix Genetics has over 100 years of experience in layer breeding and genetics. We offer a regional approach for each market by offering different layer breeds marketed under our strong layer brands.

By partnering with Hendrix Genetics, you will gain the benefit our appreciation of the past and an eye to the future. This can be summed up as

  • a long history of continuous improvement and dedication to excellence in poultry breeding,
  • a keen focus on product development and laying hen performance
  • a mission to support the animal protein value chain with innovative and sustainable genetic solutions.
  • setting the standard for sustainable poultry breeding

Sharing knowledge is just one of the ways to ensure egg producers are set up for success. Review our Technical Support portal below to get the best performance possible from your laying hens.

Our story

Through continuous growth over the years, our organization has grown from a humble family farm, to a global leader in layer genetics

Proven product performance

Our strong product portfolio has achieved this distinction through investment and a focus on continuous improvement

Balanced breeding

We heavily invest in the sophistication of our breeding methods and the people who guide the program with long term vision.

Technical support

Gain access to a wealth of high quality technical information to get the best performance possible from your birds.


Our locations and dedicated service representatives can be found all over the world. Learn where you can contact us

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