Main layer breeds

Our layer breeds that are marketed under our six main poultry brand (ISA, Dekalb, Shaver, Bovans, Babcock and Hisex) are recognized all over the globe for producing the highest amount of 1st quality eggs, clearly proven by the North Carolina Layer Performance and Management Tests. From each of our main brands we offer a brown and a white feathered variety, next to these we also have Shaver Black and Bovans Black layer breeds, characterized by their black feathering and beautiful brown eggs. Our laying hens deliver prolific egg numbers, excellent egg quality, and outstanding livability. Selected for the right behavior, resulting in easy to manage birds. For every different segment in the global egg market we are able to offer a perfect match. All these characteristics of the Hendrix Genetics laying hens are the reason for our steady growth and increasing popularity in the global egg market. Did you know that our ISA Brown laying hens are the most common brown egg laying chickens walking around the globe, and that our Dekalb White laying hens are becoming a staple in many cage-free white egg markets across the globe.

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