The art of balanced breeding

The Warren is the result of many years of balanced breeding, with the focus on the performance in alternative housing systems (organic, free range, wintergarden and barn). The Warren is slightly larger framed with all the advantages of modern hybrid egg quality, productivity and performance. Resilient and well behaved, no matter what it encounters the Warren is ready for the rigors of the range. Selection of the Warren chickens is focused on behavior, excellent feather cover and stress hardiness. The genetic lines that are behind the Warren are also intensively tested in our research and breeding centers in Western Europe.

The Warren laying hens are characterized by their robustness in combination with the advantages in terms of egg quality, egg laying persistency and livability. Overall, the Warren birds are rustic and docile, with excellent nest laying behavior,. The Warren laying hens meet the challenges of todays alternative egg production systems.

Warren product and logo

Unique characteristics of Warren

Bred with free range producers in mind

Excellent behavior and resilience

Excellent feathering


Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability (%) 93
Age at 50% production (days) 150
Peak of production (%) 95.5
Average egg weight (g) 62.5
Eggs hen housed 455
Egg mass hen housed (kg) 28.4
Laying period
Average feed intake (g/day) 125
Cum. feed conv. rate (kg/kg) 2.50
Body weight (g) 2100
Shell strength (g/cm2) 4000
Shell color (lab) 14.0
Haugh units 77


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