The objective of balanced breeding is to raise strong laying hens that produce eggs of the highest quality. A strong breeding program with a close eye on the needs of the future results in:

  • Stronger and happier laying hens
  • Longer life for each hen
  • Less frequent substitutions
  • More sustainable total production
  • Higher profits for producers

We were the first breeding company in the industry to test for 100 weeks. Thanks to the extended production cycle and extensive field testing, the objective of reaching 500 eggs by 100 weeks is already a reality for many egg producers.

Explore the articles below to learn more about breeding, selection objectives, field trials and genetics.

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Frans van Sambeek, Director Research and Development, explains the most recent advances in breeding, research and testing and explores some of the critical success factors that underpin the genetic progress of ISA laying hens. Read more

Breeding for liveability is a key focus for our breeding department. How do we achieve this goal? A conversation with Teun van de Braak, Geneticist for Hendrix Genetics in the Layer department. Read more

The North Carolina Layer Performance and Management Test is an annual, independent trial meant to assist the poultry industry in evaluating the performance of the top commercial layer products in various housing management systems. Read more

When we started our breeding mission of reaching 500 eggs in 100 weeks, we were aiming to achieve this by the year 2020. Read more

Good feathering is important for a bird’s health and welfare, productivity, and feed conversion. Read more

Good internal egg quality can be defined by yolk color, albumen quality, and vitelline membrane strength. Genetics play an important role in resulting egg quality, but how do feed and management factor in? Read more

Research and development is the key for an efficient and sustainable breeding program. This is the basis of a profitable egg chain from breeding company to the egg producer through distributors. Hendrix Genetics Layers' R&D department is developing the best products that fit each market by optimizing all parameters which bring additional genetic improvement. Read more

Our ongoing mission of reaching 500 first quality eggs per hen housed is the center of our new production standards. Read more

As the US and EU transitions away from cage housing systems, members of the industry are making steps to ensure that producers have the best opportunity to change over to this system as smoothly as possible. Read more