The hatchery is the place where future layers begin. Proper processes and systems are important for healthy development and good performance. The incubator system, biosecurity, hygiene standards, egg storage, incubation profile and post-incubation service are all areas of focus.

In particular, during the incubation phase, the chick embryo requires temperature, humidity levels, fresh air through ventilation and proper placement for successful development and incubation.

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The photo above, taken in 1972, tells a compelling story about the evolution of hatchery technology. Today’s hatcheries are designed for resource efficiency, biosecurity, and built-in controls to produce the best quality bird. Modern incubators are now automated and carefully control every aspect of the environment for millions of eggs that will eventually produce day-old chicks or poults. Read more

There are a number of important factors to consider when setting up your hatchery with the right processes and systems. The hatchery floorplan must be set up correctly for biosecurity and hygiene standards as well as proper egg storage. During the incubation stage, the chick embryo requires the proper temperature, humidity levels, fresh air through ventilation, and positioning in order to develop and hatch successfully. Because the incubators are so important to the resulting chick quality and hatchability, be sure to keep up to date in proper maintenance of the machinery. Read more