The Olive today

The stunning Olive Layers bred by Hendrix Genetics are perfect for backyard and small egg producers seeking a highly distinctive, natural product. Hardy, friendly and handsome, our olive egg layers are ideal for small egg producers seeking a productive and reliable backyard layer with a unique and intriguing shell color. Olive egg layers come in a variety of plumages and produce green eggs in a range of natural earthy olive shades, ranging from moss through to sage and even khaki. There is no wonder Olive Layers and their eggs are becoming so popular, with their rustic appearance and sylvan heritage, they are a fascinating alternative breed for smaller producers.

- Intriguing olive egg color

- Hardy backyard laying hens

- Good lasting plumage

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The history of the Olive

Olive egg layers are almost certainly the result of a curious backyard breeder, keen to explore what would happen when crossing different layer breeds. The result of this curiosity are olive colored eggs that come in a exclusive variety and that evoke authentic farmyards with free roaming olive egg layers. The beautiful olive-colored eggs from our Olive chickens today are the result of extensive poultry breeding, with the focus on egg quality, great genetic diversity and animal welfare.


Laying period 18-90 weeks
Livability 93 %
Age at 50% production 145 days
Peak of production 90 %
Average egg weight 61.9 g
Eggs hen housed 369
Laying period 18-90 weeks
Egg mass hen housed 22.8 kg
Average feed intake 120 g/day
Cum feed conversion rate 2.61 kg/kg
Body weight 1838 g
Shell strength 3850 g/cm2


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