The unique blue egg shell color

The Azur is bred for its unique blue egg shell color, good shell strength and excellent silver feather cover. The Azur is a robust and friendly bird, ideal for small scale and backyard egg producers, producing attractive and good quality eggs. Under the direction of Hendrix Genetics Layers, the current Azur laying hens have the advantage of having 50% of the genes coming from White Leghorns. Making her highly productive, with excellent feed conversion, egg quality and livability. Selection parameters focus on the importance of uniformity of the blue egg shell color, the eggshell breaking strength and the feather cover during the whole egg laying cycle.

In recent years, the selection program of the Azur has been strengthened to obtain an excellent adaptation of the Azur blue hens to their environment. Hendrix Genetics continues to develop and conserve the original strain on its R&D farms.

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Unique characteristics of Azur

Beautiful turquoise blue eggs

An elegant and robust hen

Good lasting silver white feather cover


Laying period 18-100 weeks
Livability 92 %
Age at 50% production 145 days
Peak of production 90 %
Average egg weight 61.2 g
Eggs hen housed 404
Laying period 18-100 weeks
Egg mass hen housed 24.7 kg
Average feed intake 119 g/day
Cum feed conversion rate 2.74 kg/kg
Body weight 1771 g
Shell strength 3750 g/cm2


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