Analyze & Assure

We combine industry knowledge with market data to find the right layer breeds for your needs. From our parent stock hatcheries we deliver parent stock to our valued customers all over the globe. As a result, our global distribution network assures that you can count on a secure supply of strong healthy day-old chicks or pullets in almost every country across the globe.


By combining gathered data and the expert knowledge of our team, we are able to analyze and recommend the right layer breed for your region, market, management and housing system (cage, barn, free-range). We are currently involved in a number of initiatives to enhance animal welfare standards. A special breeding program is in place to select social laying hens, i.e. laying hens that are selected from “social families”, reducing the need for beak treatment and to prevent feather pecking. But most important of all, to reduce the number of mortalities linked to feather pecking and cannibalism. During the past 2 decades, we have seen clear improvements in the livability of our layer breeds. We also work closely with academic partners to study accurate measures for animal health and welfare and to more accurately select birds in large groups.

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After finding the right genetic solution, you can count on our global distribution network of best quality day-old chicks or pullets. This structure allows us to deliver a secure supply of disease-free (grand)parent stock and best quality day-old chicks. In addition, our technical experts are located all over the world and can help you by providing tailored management advice for your operations. Find out more about our Technical Support.