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Have a look at look at our valuable resources: Management Guides, Webinar recordings and How-to videos.

Discover our collection of Management Guides to improve your laying hens business

Our collection of management guides covers the most relevant topics that might have your concerns. We believe that our management guides will make a positive contribution to the improved performance of laying hens all over the world.

Parent Stock (EN)

PS guide

Cage Housing Systems (EN)

Management Guide-Cage housing

Alternative Housing Systems (EN)

Management Guide-Alternative housing systems

Hot & Tropical Climates (EN)

Management Guide-Hot & Tropical Climates

Hatchery Management (EN)

Management Guide-Hatchery Management Guide

Nutrition (EN)

Management Guide-Nutrition Guide

Webinar Recordings

Webinar recordings that discuss nutrition, various stages of production including rearing and laying house management in collaboration with other allied partners on special topics of importance.

Managing the Pullet From 12 Weeks Through Lay

In this webinar we discuss various topics to manage the pullet from 12 weeks of age through lay. With focus on management, feeding techniques and nutrition during transition to the lay house and discuss some back to the basics tips on how to manage and feed for persistency, longevity, and shell quality.

Coccidiosis Vaccination & Management

Coccidiosis not only affects birds in a cage free environment but cage housing as well. In this webinar, we partner with Ceva Animal Health to present basic strategies for coccidiosis vaccination and management for layers.

Hendrix Genetics Nutritional Recommendation Update

In this webinar we provide a genetic update on laying hen selection and performance. An in depth overview of the recommended specifications for optimal pullet and layer diet formulation is also discussed as we review the recent revisions made to the amino acid, energy, and premix specifications mentioned in the Hendrix Genetics Nutrition Guide.

Brooding Chicks for Best Starts

In this webinar, Lisa Timmerman discusses Back to the Basics management to get chicks off to a good start through 4 weeks of age and establishing the foundation to meet their genetic potential in the future.

Cage Free Management

As we move more and more back to cage free production and complex cage free production, management must shift back to more basic animal husbandry principles and yet utilize modern technology. Partnered with Big Dutchman, this webinar discusses basic techniques and strategies for training birds to go into the system as lights dim at the end of the day, to reduce incidence of floor eggs and reduce undesired behavior in cage free systems.

Growing a Successful Pullet 4-12 Weeks

Management of pullets during the mid-growing period, from 4-12 weeks, is an important timeframe for developing the bird’s internal organs, immune system, skeletal structure, and muscular foundation. In this webinar we discuss Back to the Basics strategies and management practices to help set up pullets for a successful transition to the lay farm and to later meet her genetic potential.

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