Eggs represent a fundamental pillar of the global food industry, offering an accessible and nutrient-rich source of protein essential for meeting the dietary requirements of an expanding population. Regardless of color, eggs boast a comprehensive array of 13 essential vitamins and minerals, complemented by a robust profile of nine indispensable amino acids.

In response to the increasing global population and rising disposable incomes, the demand for eggs continues to soar, prompting a heightened emphasis on egg quality within the industry. This encompasses various critical parameters, including eggshell strength, color uniformity, yolk vibrancy, internal integrity, and consistency in egg size and egg weight.

Attaining and upholding top-tier egg quality necessitates a comprehensive approach, encompassing all aspects of production, from the selection and management of poultry to the intricacies of feed formulation and environmental control. Through the application of advanced technologies and best practices, egg producers strive to optimize every stage of egg production, ensuring the consistent delivery of eggs that meet stringent quality standards.

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