Poultry Real-time Insight Management Application

24/7 in control of your flocks

Monitor every flock on your poultry farm 24/7 with PRIMA. PRIMA stands for Poultry Real-time Insight Management Application. PRIMA delivers you real-time insights in the productivity, health, and consumables of your flock completely free of charge. With PRIMA you can focus on the right flock at the right time. Data insight and the monitoring of data helps you to work more efficiently and increase the general health and productivity of your birds. Take advantage of PRIMA and always be in full control of your flocks.

PRIMA will allow you to improve the data transparency and clarity of your flock with the regular check of all the fundamental KPIs anytime anywhere:

  • Productivity
    Increase productivity by timely insights in your flocks’ productivity status.
  • Health
    Early disease detection based on flock performance.
  • Consumables
    Improve flock performance with in-depth insights in feed consumption, feed conversion and water intake.
  • Rearing
    Get to know your future flocks before they enter the laying barns.
  • Development
    Quick overview and insight of the flocks’ bodyweight and it’s uniformity.
  • Breed targets
    Compare your flock against the official global or regional breed standards.
  • Flock Passport
    Direct and simple access to the passport of your flock.

By using PRIMA software, you can record flock data on a daily or weekly basis, the choice is up to you. Graphs are automatically represented according to your preferences. PRIMA is developed by a team of specialists of the egg-industry and intensively tested by egg producers from all over the globe.

The Multiview functionality allows you to give important parties, such as your herdsman, technicians, the poultry veterinarian, chick supplier and feed supplier access to selected data. As PRIMA is cloud-based, they can have remote access to your flock which allows for efficient field-support. All your employees are able to get a PRIMA account, the Multiview functionality allows to:

  • Add & change viewers, editors or transmit ownership
  • Revoke access to your flock whenever you wish to

Why using PRIMA instead of another generic app:

  • up-to-date standards of the Hendrix Genetics products
  • increase in the quality of support service or tailor-made technical service
  • no connection needed to access and store the data
  • data privacy commitment

Get access & Download PRIMA on your Smartphone or Tablet

PRIMA monitors your flocks 24/7 in any situation, regardless of farm size. It’s the ultimate tool for continuously monitoring your flocks’ performance. Through updates to the mobile app, PRIMA is always equipped with the latest developments. Download the app and use it as much as you need entirely for free. To successfully log in into to application, request a user-account by sending an e-mail to primapoultry-layers@hendrix-genetics.com or submitting the form below. Please allow for some time between entering the form and receiving the welcome to PRIMA e-mail (especially during weekends).

HGL-PRIMA QR codes.png

Complete and submit the form to request a PRIMA user account.

How to use PRIMA?

Getting started

Download the app, set a password and login



Create a farm, house and flock


Data entry

Enter your data


Monitor performance

24/7 in control of your flocks


Data sharing

Add people and download results


Other interesting topics

Discover more PRIMA functionalities



PRIMA is easy to scale up and maintain. Updates are free of charge and run automatically. All our hardware, including the sensors, can be updated remotely. Egg producers do not have to lift a finger for this. In addition, we update our mobile app frequently, while translating our customers' wishes into improvements in our software.

In the long term, PRIMA expects to be able to record even more aspects of poultry farming. Developing Benchmarking tools and further additions, traits to record. By using PRIMA you contribute your flocks’ data to an enormous database. This database is not about the amount of data, but about extracting the right information. If we can present this information in an organized way, we can support egg producers even more.


Are you part of a larger organization? With creating PRIMA accounts for all your flocks, you can benefit from having a clear and structured logical overview across your entire organization. Having the data stored in a structured way allows you to analyze over houses, flocks, breeds, feed, lighting programs and many more. The flexibility to have multiple accounts Multiple PRIMA is ideal to store data accurately in different trials, think of feed and breed trials or scientific research.

Looking for a more advanced poultry data management software?

They are not free of charge but do allow you more possibilities and features than PRIMA in this stage. Have a look at Eggbase, Porphyrio, i Grow Chicken or Aniprev to find out what these data management software providers can offer.


We do care about the data privacy, Hendrix Genetics is committed to the privacy of personal data and we process your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. We do not trade, sell or rent personal information to any outside organizations or third-parties. Flock data can be used fully anonymized for benchmarking and to steer for future breeding directions. The PRIMA share and export functionalities allows you to grant other users access to your flock, via the app directly or via e-mail. You are in full control of this functionality yourself, you decide with who you'll share the full details of your flock. As a user, you have at any time the right to have your data be removed from our database. If you would like us to remove your data, please contact us.