„Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA“ JSC

„Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA“ JSC

The core activity of the company is: Production, processing and domestic and international trade in consumer eggs and hatching eggs, day-old chicks, pullet, poultry products, and farming activities.

The company is the largest producer of eggs for consumption in Bulgaria and for export. Ever since its establishment, the company has projected a fine image among its customers, and it is recognizable name on both the home and foreign markets.

The company carries out its entire activity through a closed cycle of production with the exception of the import of day-old parent stock chicks of the most productive hybrids: ISA BROWN from the Institut de Selection Animale (ISA) of France.

Hatching eggs

The hatching eggs produced by Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD originate from highly productive hybrids of a quality proven on the international market. We produce hatching eggs for laying hens. The eggs have clean and uncracked shells without fine blemishes and, above all with controlled product safety. The egg-type hatching eggs originate from world renowned hybrid ISA BROWN of the Institut de Selection Animale (ISA) of France.

Day – old chicks

Yaitza i Ptitzi – ZORA AD has established itself on the Bulgarian market as a producer of day-old chicks. The day-old chicks are with controlled health status and guaranteed quality. The parent flocks from which they originate enjoy an international market reputation for their quality: hybrid ISA BROWN from Institut de Selection Animale (ISA) of France.

The day-old chicks offer from the company are sexed, vaccinated, and come accompanied by essential rearing information.