Al-Bayad Co., Ltd.

Al-Bayad Co., Ltd.

Al-Bayad is one of the companies of Aya Investment Group, which was established in 2007 on the production of practical and technical experience accumulated in the poultry industry for more than a quarter century, which made the establishment according to the latest scientific methods and modern technologies and keep abreast of the continuous scientific development to meet the needs of customers and maximize the use of breeds to achieve the requirements of the Gulf market High quality and economical return. Thanks to God first and then to the efforts that made our customers put their trust in the quality of our products and services, the market share of the company has increased from 35% in 2015 to more than 50% of the domestic market today.

All the earlier advantages wouldn’t have achieved without supporting our valued customers with after-sales technical services, field solutions, technical consultations, sharing scientific bulletins and performing field visits from experts both nationally and internationally to raise the level of awareness and provide the appropriate solutions to achieve the best results.

Another key factor is DOC transportation; Albayad has taken it upon itself to use the most modern means of transporting chicks with dedicated and modern vehicles “HatchTraveller” which are equipped with the latest technology to provide the maximum standards of bio-security and optimum climatic conditions for long distance without being affected by external weather factors minimizing any stress on the chicks thus guaranteeing the delivery of the chicks to the customers’ farms with high vitality and less mortality.

The first Hatchery was established in 2007 in collaboration with HatchTech from Netherlands; with a capacity of 8 million chicks per year. With the increasing of the demand of Layer DOC; Albayad took the decision in 2018 to invest in another hatchery with an annual production capacity of 20 million rising the total annual capacity to 28 million chicks. These hatcheries are equipped with the latest hatching technology, which provides the optimum conditions for hatching the eggs without any stress on the chicks, this leads to obtaining strong chicks with high vitality and high uniformity and free from diseases and pathogens.

The distinguished location of our farms spread over 5 million m² and its remoteness from any poultry farm for +35 km; ensures the isolation and high biosecurity required for parent stocks. Our barns were designed with the latest rearing and production technologies and modern methods of care to insure the high protection of the parent stocks from pathogens and to obtain a uniform and safe level of immunity. Moreover, Albayad Farms Co. is the exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia and the GCC for two of the layer breeds: Hisex White and Dekalb White which have been proved internationally in terms of Performance and Development. All these factors lead to production of best hatching eggs with excellent specifications and higher than performance standards.

Our mission

Providing an ideal work environment & state of the art technology to ensure the delivery of high quality products and services, which reflects positively toward our partners by enhancing their profitability, customer satisfaction & loyalty.

Our vision

To become the ideal company in the poultry industry sector.