Asiima Agriconcern Ltd

Asiima Agriconcern Ltd

Asiima Agri Concern is a leading veterinary service provider in Uganda. With over 16 years of experience and steady growth, we can boast of understanding the animal industry in Uganda…VERY WELL!!

  • What we offer:

Veterinary extension services and Consultancy, Quality Day Old Chicks of Layers, Broilers and Rainbow chickens, Vet Pharmacy, Hatchery, Quality Eggs, Quality feeds, Internship and Training programs and Solar Incubators.

  • Delivering ISA Brown Layers:

Asiima layers are known for laying many high quality eggs! With our team of professional committed personnel at your disposal.

  • Day Old Chicks:

We supply high-quality day-old chicks every Tuesday and Friday from our outlet in Kampala City at Shopper's Stop Plaza, Shop No. AG12 and Hatchery in Kyaliwajjala, Eden Road, Ochola Close next to Harmony Plaza.

  • Eggs

The very hygienic environment in which chicken lay eggs and mechanized process of egg collection, always ensures high quality eggs for our customers. Asiima eggs are the best on the market with an impressive nutritional value and size. we have at egg outlet at Kyaliwajjala, Eden Road, Ochola Close next to Harmony Plaza. The egg supply is regular, constant, and steady at the outlet.

  • Brooding services:

We provide brooding services for those interested in one month-old Chicks of Layers and Rainbow. If you are not very conversant with managing the first 4 weeks of the brooding period.