Avipro Co. Ltd incorporated in 1966 is pioneer in poultry production in Mauritius. The company includes all the stages of livestock production, from grand-parent stock, imported from Europe, to processing of grown chicken and further process of poultry. Strict biosecurity and controls at all levels and throughout the production chain ensures traceability. Consumers are guaranteed a healthy and tasty product.

Avipro also encourages poultry farming by small and medium-scale independent farmers by putting broiler and layer day old chicks at their disposal. Avishop, set up in 1985, is the local sales shop of Avipro for these day-old chicks, as well as small poultry feed bags and basic poultry equipment. The Avishop team also provides training and technical support to these farmers.

In addition to its domestic market, Avishop supplies commercial and parental day-old chicks and hatching eggs to various customers in the Indian Ocean and East African countries.

The poultry breeds sold by Avipro

  • ISA Brown Layer female and male day-old chicks
  • Broiler day-old chicks
  • Day-old Ducklings
  • Day-old Guinea fowls