Bromley Park Hatcheries Ltd

Bromley Park Hatcheries Ltd

We are proud to be one of the World’s Most Efficient Breeder Operations in the world, located in clean and green New Zealand. ​A legacy of quality and efficiency with over 95 years of experience. Bromley Park Hatcheries Group is made up of several medium sized companies. Our aim is to consistently be the most efficient producer of top-quality day-chicks in New Zealand and the Pacific. We are known as the industry leader on the grounds of both quality and price.

Our breeds are “Cobb” for meat chickens, and “Shaver Brown” for laying pullets.

Cobb-Vantress and Hendrix Genetics are two of the world’s leading meat chicken breeder and layer breeder organizations in the world. Bromley Park are distributors for both companies within New Zealand and the Pacific Islands with technical advice provided from both companies, along with our own technical team.

We are committed to upholding the wellbeing of livestock in our care by adhering to the Five Freedoms and by training our staff to be competent in providing optimum animal welfare at all times throughout our farming and hatchery operations.

The Bromley Park Hatcheries Group are committed to meeting or surpassing our Customers’ needs and expectations by consistently producing top-quality day-old chicks, utilizing state of the art facilities and always aiming for continuous improvement.