Kukuchic is located in Uganda and aims at becoming the leading provider of quality chicks and animal feeds in the Eastern Africa region. Kukuchic has their 4 breeder farms, a day-old chick hatchery and a poultry feedmill in Luweero. We have a formidable and dedicated team with expertise that ensures production of high quality day-old chicks. All our farms have dedicated biosecurity programs in place to ensure that the poultry and egg producers in Uganda get disease free birds.

Our products:

  • Cobb 500 Broilers
  • ISA Brown layers
  • Rainbow chickens

Our vision

  • Become the leading provider of quality day old chicks in Eastern Africa region by 2020.
  • Become one of the most reputed and trust worthy poultry enterprise in Eastern Africa region.
  • Become the leading provider of quality animal feeds in Eastern Africa by 2030.
  • Invest in innovative research and technology to provide efficiency and ensure quality.
  • To provide quality, healthy and economically appropriate day old chicks to farmers.
  • To provide quality and economical feed under international state of art production facilities to the farmers.
  • To provide optimum technical and after sales support to the farmers.
  • To promote economically viable poultry business activities.