Misr Hatchery

Misr Hatchery

Misr Hatchery was established in 1998, specialized in breeding layers and broilers. It has two hatcheries: one for broilers and the other for layers. It is specialized in breeding of chickens to produce different strains which are targeted for distribution among its own poultry farms and other poultry farms all over Egypt.

El Banna Group is the only agent of Babcock White and Babcock Brown laying hens in Egypt. At Misr Hatchery they apply the latest technologies in hatching quality day-old chicks, they have introduced a new solution by treating the day-old chicks’ beaks by making use of infrared laser technology. By making use of the IR beak trimming we contribute to superior day-old chick quality, resulting in low chick mortality percentage and improved hen housed egg production.

El-Banna Group

El-Banna Group steadily strives to study the market, identify its needs, and consistently work to provide high-quality products with the best specifications that satisfy our esteemed client’s expectations and be the consumer’s first choice. We offer our clients an outstanding service that facilitates the sustainable marketing of fresh produce whilst striving for cooperation between consumers and suppliers. Our group focuses on continuous expansions on all sectors by increasing the volume of investments through innovation and advanced technology to cope with the Egyptian and international markets’ requirements. The Group is committed to provide the highest standards of service available through our highly trained, domestic and international field representatives and customer service personnel. Proper employees are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of profession technical knowledge in wither in industry or in land reclamation


Our core vision is to be a global leader in multiple industries. El Banna group endeavors to become one of the world’s leading citrus exporters to Middle East and European markets. To be a gold standard employer that attracts the best professional personnel and to be a positive contributor to the society at large. While planning to achieve optimum returns, we are committed to innovate and uphold quality standards of services. We envision expansion of our business into new industries and related businesses, providing new avenues for growth and advancement for our company and its members. Building marketing team that enables us to reach more customers in more compelling ways and raise our profile across our industries and around the globe. We are honing an export traffic team that provides us with a competitive edge, enabling us to win and retain customer loyalty and become our customers’ supplier of choice.