Mkuza Chicks Ltd

Mkuza Chicks Ltd

A leading poultry producer in Tanzania

With over 20 years experience in supplying of chicken (products)

Mkuza Chicks Ltd is a family owned company. It was incorporated in 1999 as one of the first and biggest poultry farms in Tanzania. Mkuza Strives to be the supplier of the choice of excellent chicken product in Tanzania while adhering to affordability. Their mission is to make Chicken in Tanzania a common man’s meal.

Mkuza Chicks Ltd specializes in day-old broiler and layer chicks (Bovans Brown), table eggs and chicken meat. The company growth is behind a strong foundation laid down by their Founders Mr and Mrs Maximambali whom their dedication in agriculture and specifically in agriculture in Tanzania is unwavering.

Mkuza Chicks Ltd is a fully integrated operation with breeder farm, hatchery, broiler farm and abattoir in three different locations so as to adhere to bio-security standards. This integration gives them full control over every aspect production process from a cost and health point of view. This ensures healthy day-old chicks, nutritious eggs and meat at affordable prices for their customers.