New El-Sabeel

New El-Sabeel for Poultry Production

New El Sabeel for Poultry Production started in the Egyptian market in 1981 as grower of broiler hens, then after interacting with many customers we found their need of a reliable supplier of all the inputs of the poultry industry. Here we knew our responsibility to provide the market with high quality industry inputs such as feeds, one day old chicks (parent stock – commercial layers: Hisex Brown, Bovans Brown, Dekalb White, Shaver White, commercial broiler), veterinarian medicines and even equipment’s such as hatcheries, farm equipment and etc…

In order to complete out mission to produce safe food, In 1997 we started penetrating the agriculture sector to satisfy the market need for high quality and safe fruits, vegetables and crops. That is why now we operate around 8000 acres of land diversified between conventional and organic agriculture. Through our social responsibility, we made our composting plant to get use of all our wastes to make the environment clean.

In 2008 we started our projects for beef and milk, to make sure that our consumers can benefit from our standards in quality for both fresh meat and pasteurized milk and milk products.

In 2011, we started we thought that we should go step further to begin agriculture manufacturing. We started producing our olive oil with the highest standards in the world, and it is our proud that all our product are extra virgin. In addition, we started our convenience food plant to produce salads and ready meals with the latest technologies and hygiene techniques.

We support our production facilities with high tech laboratories and R&D department to ensure the sustainability of both our quality and developments.