Skylark Hatcheries

Skylark Hatcheries

Skylark Hatcheries was established by Mr. Jagbir Singh Dhull and Mr. Jasbir Singh Deswal in 1985. Today, the Skylark Group is one of the largest poultry producers in India. Through an unwavering commitment towards quality, excellence and strategic integration, they have built a diverse portfolio of operations that include grandparent stock, parent stock, hatcheries, broiler contract farming, feed production, poultry processing, large-scale mechanised farming and equipment fabrication. Skylarks' robust network of stakeholders helps them deliver on their promise of providing fresh, healthy, hygienic and wholesome poultry products for our customers, at affordable costs. The Skylark facilities, spread across India, are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and world-class processes.

  • Day-old Chicks

Owing to their greater Feed Conversion Efficiency and superior genetic make-up, the Skylark layer & broiler Day Old Chicks and Parent Chicks command a premium in every market that they cater to. Sourced from genetically superior Bovans White breeds Scientifically graded eggs for consistent quality of chicks Incubation and hatching process undertaken by trained staff using state-of-the-art equipment Sexing, vaccination and packaging done by trained and experienced staff following all required hygiene processes

  • Quality

At Skylark they understand the importance of quality across the whole production chain - from farm to food. At Skylark they employ globally accepted best practices to ensure that our chicken is not just good to taste, but also good for health. They have a proven track record of bringing the best out of the Bovans White breed. This is due to their strict and continued adherence to wide-ranging quality standards. Their technologically advanced closed Environment Controlled houses regulate lighting, temperature and humidity, while the diagnostic labs improve the quality of birds and keep them safer. Good processes make great products, consistently. At Sylark they have embedded world-class standards across the entire chain of operations: From procurement of high-quality raw material, to use of automated packaging systems for feeds From comprehensive sanitation norms to stringent quality checks for farms Good quality chicks, raised using standard processes, give the best quality chicken. Their digital incubators, automated sorting machines, vaccination procedures and automated processing plant produce market-leading eggs, Feed Conversion Efficiency-enhancing day-old chicks, and antibiotic-free chickens.