Sondelani Ranching

Sondelani Ranching

"The leading producer of chickens and chicken feed in Zimbabwe"

Sondelani Ranching (pvt Ltd) is part of the Hamara Group. with Hamara Farmer Centers throughout Zimbabwe. Hamara Farmer Centers are a chain of one-stop agricultural service and supply shops. The goal is to service the poultry farmers in Zimbabwe with all the skills, training and inputs needed to succeed in a competitive poultry producing environment.

Located in Umguza, the Hamara Chicks division focuses on broiler and layer day-old chick production, as well as producing point of lay birds, because they run the only breeder farm in Matebeleland (and one of the few in Zimbabwe). Sondelani Ranching is the largest supplier of day old chicks in Bulawayo and the Matabeleland region, as a result they have the capacity to hatch over 60,000 day old chicks a week.

At the Hamara Farmer Centers, day-old chicks of layers, broilers and SASSO chickens ( a DUAL purpose breed that can be raised both for meat and eggs) are sold. As well as feed for chickens, pigs and cattle. Next to this also all the necessary vaccines +equipment for providing these, and a wide range of poultry medication are sold in the Hamara Farmer Centers. Imagine, all the support for growing crops and keeping farm animals are provided under one roof.

The products

  • day-old ISA Brown layer chicks
  • day-old SASSO chicks
  • day-old broiler chicks
  • pullets
  • point of lay hens
  • poultry feeds
  • poultry vaccines & medication
  • poultry farm equipment and accessories for poultry rearing
  • drip irrigation
  • plant seeds and seedlings
  • horticultural chemicals and fertilisers.