Uzima Chicken

Uzima Chicken

Uzima Chicken Ltd is a poultry company that has started its operations in Rwanda in 2017, taking over the former Rubilizi National Hatchery, and expanded into Uganda in 2018. Uzima Chicken plans to transform the poultry industry in East Africa by reaching out to smallholder farmers with the ISA Brown and a robust bird called SASSO that both thrive in the local, rural conditions and is 4 times more productive compared to the local chickens.

The mission of Uzima chicken Ltd is to make smallholder farmers healthier and wealthier. Their vision is to achieve one chicken per household per year within 5 years and one chicken per person per year within 10 years in the countries where they are active.

The values :

  • The customer always comes first. At Uzima they put customer at the center of their decisions and actions.
  • Discipline and Accountability. At Uzima they do what they say they are going to do and keep their commitments to each other.
  • Think like an owner. They run it like they own it.
  • Strive for Excellence, Reject “Good Enough”. At Uzima Chicken they strive to be the best in the world in everything they do.
  • Driven by their deep sense of purpose.
  • Best Ideas win. They debate openly with vigor and allow the best ideas to win.

Social impact: Uzima Chicken Ltd is committed to delivering high quality poultry products (day-old chicks and poultry feed) to rural smallholder farmers in East Africa who have been underserved by the traditional poultry industry. Through their chicken breeds, smallholder farmers and their families can diversify their income, build income resilience, consume more animal protein, and battle malnutrition.

Uzima Chicken is besides the distributor of ISA Brown day-old chicks, and Ross Broiler day-old chicks also the exclusive distributor of SASSO T451, a high quality, dual-purpose poultry breed that is 4x more productive than local breeds. SASSO is red in color, giving the bird a camouflaged look that protects it from predators. Females lay 180-240 eggs per year and males reach 2.2-2.5 kgs in 3 months in village conditions. After the month-long brooding period, SASSO birds can live free range and scavenge for food with some supplementation.