Vano Group

Vano Group has a long history in the field of agriculture in general and the poultry sector in particular. It is a leading and brilliant name in Iraq and at the regional level as well, because its products are complying with international specifications and standards, so it is always worthy of the trust of its customers.

VG plays a major role in securing and protecting food security at the national and regional levels, as well as in the development of the poultry sector in Iraq.

One of its most prominent projects is Rasun Grandparents Poultry, where the project produces broiler breeder chicks, which in turn secures and maintains broiler chickens for the Iraqi markets, also the presence of this project encouraged many large and medium size farms for resuming and growing broiler breeders, Rasun GP Farms considered one of the strategic projects and the backbone of the poultry industry in the country for its direct role in ensuring food security.

Since its inception, Vano Group has provided and equipped the best veterinary supplies, including vaccines, medicines feed premixes for the Iraqi market, taking into account the quality and affordable prices, which made it gain remarkable market share in the country, and it also own necessary refrigerated and advanced warehouses to store and keep vaccines, medicines, and premixes in an adequate and suitable Scientific manner until it reaches the farms and end users.

Vano Group worked continuously to provide the best services in the field of production and veterinary medicines and then distributed them in the markets at competitive prices to serve the sector.

The mission is to continue to develop local production and provide high-quality veterinary supplies for Iraq and the region.

The vision is to Rehabilitate and revitalize the poultry sector with high quality, to play its supposed role in maintaining and ensuring food security for the people of Iraq and the region.

The Vano Group will be the distributor of ISA Poultry in Iraq.