Reaching 500 eggs in Honduras!

Published on April 9, 2020

Reaching 500 eggs in Honduras!

During the Atlanta Poultry Show, Hendrix Genetics recognised an egg producer from Honduras with an award for their excellence in egg production. They have managed a flock of more than 90.000 Dekalb White birds all the way up to produce 502 eggs in 101 weeks per hen housed.

500 Eggs Honduras Laying Performance REVISED.png

The company, a family business, was founded in Honduras, Central America, in the early eighties of last century. In the early days they started with just 2000 laying hens. The objective of its foundation was to become an egg producer that generates jobs and that makes an economic contribution to the further development of the country. Today, the company is one of the largest egg producers in Honduras and providing home to more than 1 million laying hens that are in production. They keep their birds in closed and open sided houses. They have chosen the Dekalb White breed because of her persistency in egg production, the premium egg quality and her outstanding livability. Next to a premium bird, they also demonstrate their outstanding management skills with this amazing achievement of reaching 502 eggs per hen housed.

2001 Award Inversiones Avicolas de Honduras  205x280mm 1a.jpg

Mr Antoon van den Berg (Chief Executive officer of HG) and Mr. Arian Groot (Director Product Management and Business development of HGL) presented the award to the family during the yearly Hendrix Genetics dinner in Atlanta. Recognizing them with the award clearly demonstrates their excellent management in egg production as well as the proven premium performance of the Dekalb White.

Yet again, this flock shows the impressive genetic potential and the constantly evolving progress as a result of the balanced breeding program for the Hendrix Genetics products.

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