Hendrix Genetics chicken breeds lead in the latest Gunma Random Sample Test

Published on May 23, 2024

Hendrix Genetics chicken breeds lead in the latest Gunma Random Sample Test

At Hendrix Genetics, our commitment to excellence drives every aspect of our breeding programs. We take pride in continuously advancing the field of poultry genetics, ensuring that our breeds not only meet but exceed industry standards. The recent results from the Gunma Random Sample Test (RST) reaffirm our dedication to sustainable animal breeding and underscore the superior performance of Hendrix Genetics breeds in the global egg sector.

Advancing Sustainable Egg Production

Random Sample Tests offer invaluable insights into the effectiveness of our breeding programs, allowing us to gauge the performance of our laying hen breeds in real-world conditions. At the heart of our breeding philosophy lies a commitment to sustainability and efficiency. We aim to produce laying hens that not only deliver exceptional egg yield but also prioritize overall health and welfare.

The Power of Balanced Breeding

Our approach to breeding is rooted in balance, focusing on optimizing the holistic performance of our laying hen breeds. By selecting for traits that enhance egg production, feed efficiency, and flock health, we strive to empower egg producers worldwide with breeds that deliver consistent results and drive profitability.

Results Speak Louder

The latest RST results from the Gunma Testing Station, spanning 2021, underscore the superior performance of Hendrix Genetics Layer breeds across key performance indicators. Notably, our breeds outshine competitors in crucial areas such as Hen Day production % and Eggs per hen housed, reflecting their unmatched efficiency and productivity.

Prod. %
Egg Mass (g)
F.C.R. Total
feed cost
Benefit Feed
Cost (JPY)/egg (LL-MS)
White HG
89.6 57.4 515 1.85 399148 650876 235728 6.46
White competition
87.1 56.3 498 1.87 395825 626455 214630 6.71
Brown HG
88.1 56.7 502 1.97 422987 641208 202221 6.87
Brown  competition
86.7 57.3 494 1.97 423978 631258 191280 7.24

Driving Economic Benefits

The significance of these results extends beyond performance metrics alone. Higher Hen Day production % and increased Eggs per hen housed directly translate into greater egg income for producers. In an industry where the cost of feed remains a primary concern, the economic benefits of choosing Hendrix Genetics breeds become undeniable.

Unmatched Shell Strength

In addition to performance metrics, the Gunma RST highlights the superior shell strength of Hendrix Genetics breeds. Both white and brown egg products from HG breeds exhibit better shell strength compared to competitors, even as hens age. This enduring quality ensures that the eggs maintain their integrity over time, meeting the highest standards of freshness and safety.

Shell Strength

Haugh Units: A Measure of Quality

Haugh units serve as an essential indicator of egg quality, particularly the freshness and albumen quality. The Gunma RST reveals that Hendrix Genetics breeds consistently exhibit higher Haugh units, especially after 70 weeks of age for white egg products. This superior quality further underscores the excellence of HG breeds in delivering premium eggs to consumers.

Gunma Haugh Unit

Conclusion: Setting the Standard for Excellence

The results of the Gunma Random Sample Test reaffirm our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers worldwide. From superior performance metrics to unmatched shell strength and Haugh units, Hendrix Genetics breeds continue to set the standard for excellence in the egg industry. As we look ahead, we remain dedicated to driving positive change and empowering producers with breeds that embody the pinnacle of performance, sustainability, and quality.

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