Published on Nov. 23, 2020

Joice and Hill, the great winner of the UK'S national Egg and Poultry Awards 2020

The National Egg & Poultry Awards is a prestigious awards ceremony  backed by the British Egg Industry Council (BEIC) and the British Poultry Council (BPC). They honor and reflect achievement, excellence and best practice in the sector, while also promoting the egg and poultry industry as a career choice and providing a networking opportunity for the sector.

The National Egg and Poultry Awards have highlighted the breadth and depth of talent, drive and ambition in the egg & poultry sectors. It is with great pride that our UK distributor of day-old chicks, Joice and Hill, is the Big winner of the 2020 National Egg and Poultry Awards, they won in the category "Hatchery of the year". Joice & Hill has demonstrated a commitment to continually invest in its business, recently completing an eight-year expansion and renovation plan after becoming the sole distributor of Hendrix Genetics layer breeds for the UK and Ireland in 2012.  Parent stock routinely exceeds hatching egg production targets by 10-12% despite rigorous selection criteria. Joice and Hill supplies day-old chicks of Bovans Brown, Shaver Brown, ISA Brown, Warren, Dekalb White and several specialty poultry breeds. Find our more about Joice and Hill.


Besides winning the Hatchery of the year award, the award of Unit Manager of the year was given to our colleague Anna Richardson, who is the Hatchery Manager of the Joice and Hill Hatchery in Peterborough. Anna has demonstrated exceptional management skills in the face of the challenges posed by Covid-19, all while maintaining the performance of her unit. Dear Anna, thank you for the great work you do every single day, and thank you and your entire team for the great results achieved in the hatchery.

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It is also with great pride that our customer, AW & GS Panniers has won the award for being the best Egg Producer of the year. Very high farm standards and attention to detail plus the support of their suppliers, have ensured a win for AW & GS Panniers in this category. Judges were particularly impressed by the focus on productivity and the performance of a recent flock of Dekalb White, which achieved a first in the UK of 500 eggs at 100 weeks! Find out more about the Panniers family farm, and how they were able to achieve 500 eggs with their flock of Dekalb White laying hens.


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