Published on May 4, 2021

Join the 2021 HIPRA World Poultry Virtual Congress

Being aware of the current pandemic situation and despite the limitations and restrictions that this entails, we know that animal production is essential in order to provide high quality animal protein to the growing world population. It is an industry that could not be stopped because of COVID-19.

This is why, with the aim of contributing to the continuing education of animal health professionals and veterinarians in the poultry industry, we have the pleasure of inviting you to the World Poultry Virtual Congress* organized by HIPRA. Theme: "Overcoming the challenges in Poultry Health"

The HIPRA virtual congress will take place from June 14 to 17, 2021.

This congress is organized through an innovative virtual platform that faithfully simulates the characteristics of a face-to-face congress, with exhibition stands, conference rooms, plenary sessions, etc.. Each attendee is represented by an avatar, allowing interaction between the attendees privately.

The congress program is primarily scientific, and it will feature world-renowned experts in the different and most important poultry therapeutic areas. In addition, in order to accommodate all professionals in the industry, a session of presentations relating to business management have also been planned. Rafael Lera (poultry veterinarian) and Estella Leentfaar (poultry nutritionist), both working in the technical core team of Hendrix Genetics Layers, will present during the 2021 WPVC by HIPRA congress. They will present their findings on how to prepare the long-life layer breeds, and how to feed the long-life layer breeds.

The registration to the congress is completely free, you can easily register to the congress | WPVC by HIPRA.

*please note, this congress is organized by HIPRA, it is not a WPSA event.


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