Published on Feb. 17, 2021

Latest trends and developments in the global egg industry

Peter van Horne, economic analyst of the International Egg Commission presented the latest trends and developments of the global egg industry last October for the IEC community. The Full presentation can be found at the IEC website (for IEC members only). We have highlighted some of the interesting findings in this article.

Global trend in the economic relevance of the egg sector

When looking at the economic relevance of the egg sector (year 2018) than it becomes clear that approximately 6.0 billion laying hens (in rearing and production) were responsible for the production of 76.7 million tons of eggs (FAO data, 2018). A total of 4 million persons are employed by the egg sector. When looking at the economic value of the egg sector calculated by the IEC, than the value at the farm level is estimated to be 92,000 million US$. At retail level this goes up to 145,000 million US$. These numbers clearly show that good money can be made with selling eggs, but that not all of this value flows back to the egg sector itself. By marketing and selling directly to the final users and egg consumers you could improve the future profit of your business.

Global trend in egg production

The average yearly increase in global egg production was 2.2% when looking over a time period from 2009-2018. The average yearly human population growth rate declined from 1.223 in 2009 to 1.104 in 2018 (worldbank). These figures clearly indicate that the average per capita egg consumption has increased during the past decade, an example + future forecast is given for the EU. When comparing the egg sector to other animal protein sectors it is clear that the production of broiler meat and chicken eggs is growing the fastest. The global production of poultry meat took the number 1 position, on the expense of pig meat.

Developments in the production of animal protein

Prod in 2009 (mln ton) Prod 2018 (mln ton) Increase per year in %
Beef 62.9 67.3 0.7 %
Swine 106.1 120.8 1.4 %
Sheep 8.5 9.8 1.5 %
Eggs 62.9 76.7 2.2 %
Poultry 92.4 124.4 3.5 %

From the table below it can be seen that China is by far the largest egg producer in the world. 1 out of every 3 eggs being produced globally originates from China. Although that India and China have almost similar human population sizes, the differences in egg production are pretty big as India accounts "just" for 7% of the global egg production. But as egg consumption is on the rise in India (pictured seen later on in this article), it is expected that India's share will increase in the years to come.

The top 10 egg producing countries / regions in 2018

Country 2018 egg production (billion eggs) As a % of global egg production
China 466 34 %
EU 120 9 %
USA 109 8 %
India 95 7 %
Mexico 57 4 %
Brazil 53 4 %
Russian federation 44 3 %
Japan 44 3 %
Indonesia 38 3 %
Turkey 20 1 %

As both the human population and the egg consumption have increased during the past 5 years, it is logical that many countries have increased their total egg production. Especially the USA, India and Brazil have shown big increases in their national egg production.

The development in egg production in selected countries in the period 2015 - 2019


Source: IEC database

Global trend in egg consumption, Mexico remains the number 1

When looking to the data of selected countries on egg consumption, we can see that the consumption of eggs has been on the rise all over the globe. Also the figures coming from the EU, and the EU 2025 and 2030 forecasts look promising.

Eggs have clearly gained back their popularity, and are recommended once again to be part of nutritious and healthy diets (do consume wisely). Eggs are relatively affordable in most parts of the world, rich in many essential nutrients, extremely versatile, and most of all eggs are superyummie! With the entire egg-sector we are working hard to improve the popularity of eggs even further, please do join us in this effort.

The development in egg consumption in selected countries in the period 2015 - 2019


Source: IEC database

The EU egg market forecast (2020 | 2025 | 2030)

2015 2018 2020 2025 2030
Production(1000 t) 6695 6940 7144 7418 7674
Total use (1000 t) 6438 6734 6909 7153 7380
Egg consumption/capita (kg) 12.6 13.1 13.4 13.9 14.3

Source: FAO & EU Agricultural outlook 2019-2030, EC, Brussels

To Conclude

Global egg consumption and egg production are still on the rise. Despite several large disruptions due to COVID-19, the future for global egg production does look bright. The Hendrix Genetics lifelong layers are ready to make their contribution for this growing demand for eggs.

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