Let's celebrate World Egg Day 2021

Published on Oct. 8, 2021

Let's celebrate World Egg Day 2021

This year’s World Egg Day celebrates the brilliant versatility of the egg and its vast variety of benefits to people at every age and stage of life. The egg is one of the most nutrient-dense natural food sources on the planet. Its all-round goodness can be drawn on by everyone, from the first 1,000 days of life to old age. The power of this perfect package is unbeatable! Improving brain function, supporting physical strength, aiding child growth – the egg can do it all!

Along with its many nutritional benefits, the egg is among the most environmentally sustainable and affordable animal-source protein available, helping support families around the world as well as the planet itself. World Egg Day was established at Vienna 1996, since then, egg fans around the world have thought up new creative ways to honor this incredible nutrient powerhouse, and the day of celebration has grown and evolved over time. Join us in the celebration!

An egg a day, will it keep the doctor away?

Scrambled or poached for breakfast, hard-boiled on a sandwich for lunch… in a frittata for a lazy dinner..., or used in a delicious sponge cake or tiramisu. Eggs are among the most versatile, time-saving kitchen staple for any meal of the day. Eggs have received their fair share of bad press over the past decades, but here is the good news: the tides on eggs have turned and new scientific insights on the positive side of eggs are there.


Eggs, the most sustainable animal protein

Egg producers have pushed for decades past the boundaries of innovation by investing in agricultural research and adopting practices with the goals of improving animal welfare, increasing productivity, reducing emissions, and enhancing sustainability. Ensuring that the production of eggs continues sustainably is essential for people and the planet, discover how eggs rank among the most sustainable foods.


The versatility of eggs!

Nourishing human potential, protecting our planet, or fostering decent livelihoods. The bioavailability and density of their nutrients means eggs have the capacity to directly improve human lives around the world. Eggs are beneficial throughout the life course, from toddlers to teenagers, from pregnant woman to centenarians, explore the versatility of eggs.


Egg recipe contest

As you might have seen on our LinkedIn channel, we organized a contest around World Egg Day 2021. As we received so many reactions, we decided to post 2 instead of 1 egg recipes. The lucky winners from Canada and China have received an eggciting giftbox, which will inspire them to become even more creative when making new dishes with eggs. Discover the Egg & Avocado bowl or the famous Chinese Soy Eggs.

Soy Braised-Eggs.jpg

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