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Published on Sept. 30, 2021

Successful two-day Bovans Seminar for Seamorgh staff and management in Iran.

On Wednesday, September 22 and Thursday September 23, 2021, Seamorgh Co. organised a full two-day Bovans White seminar for their extensive staff and management in Tehran, Iran.

The attendance was very good with about 100 participants, who also actively participated in the seminar by asking interesting and relevant questions.

The topics of the seminars were:

  • “ Hendrix Genetics presentation” by Bert Vinke, Area Manager Middle East Hendrix Genetics Layers.
  • “ Bovans White CS management ” by Rafael Lera, Veterinarian & Technical Specialist Hendrix Genetics Layers.
  • “ Commercial Layers questions - Nutrition” by Estella Leentfaar, Nutritionist Hendrix Genetics Layers.
  • “ Hendrix Genetics Layers Bovans White Genetics” by Jeroen Visscher, Manager R&D Hendrix Genetics Layers.

On behalf of Thijs Hendrix, President of Hendrix Genetics, an award was handed over to Mr. Ali Taghavifar, General Manager of Seamorgh, in which was highlighted the purchase of almost 1 million Bovans White PS since 2005.

Seamorgh produces about 70K ton of table eggs/year and has plans to increase this number further in the near future. Besides they sell about 6 million Bovans White layer chicks per year to the Iranian market.

Seamorgh Iran awarded
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Seamorgh Iran
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