The Dekalb White lands in Ethiopia

Published on March 13, 2023

The Dekalb White lands in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian adventure started in 2015 when Arend Hardeman, a successful Dutch entrepreneur, and CEO of the similarly named company Hardeman Egg Group, took ownership of Maranatha farm, a commercial layer production facility. The farm was previously owned by Gert van Putten, founder of Double Harvest Netherlands, and is located in Debre Zeit (called “Bishoftu”).

Over the years the business expanded into Debre Berhan, a town located not far from the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, with a commercial layer and a breeding stock facility (having both Bovans Brown and Dekalb White Parent Stock Flocks). The Maranatha farm was converted into a hatchery with a setting capacity of almost 350.000 eggs. In the meantime, another Dutch player, active in the egg sector, joined Ethiopia Poultry. Currently the farm is home to 100.000 laying hens.

Last month, February the 25th the Debre Holland Farm was officially opened, followed by the opening of the Maranatha Hatchery on March 1st. Next to this it was also a great moment to celebrate the official introduction of the Dekalb White in Ethiopia. The Dekalb White has several strong advantages that benefit conditions in Ethiopia. The Dekalb’s high disease resistance, she can cope well with the African climate and lays beautiful white and strong white eggs, overall, the Dekalb White is exceeding expectations.

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Debre Holland opening 2
the official opening
Debre Holland opening 1
celebrating the opening

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