Visit SPACE 2022, the international Show for Livestock in France

Published on Sept. 7, 2022

Visit SPACE 2022, the international Show for Livestock in France

SPACE: the international Show for Livestock

SPACE is a professional agricultural exhibition for all animal breeding stakeholders: bovine (dairy and beef), poultry, pig, rabbits, sheep, goat and fish farming sector. A complete offer in animal feed and nutrition, farm buildings, genetics, animal health, milking energy, livestock effluent treatment, organic production... Innov'Space rewards the latest innovations in the animal production. A high-level quality of competitions and presentations in animal genetics.

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Theme 2022, How can livestock farming reduce the impact on climate?

Innovative and concrete solutions will be presented at the 'Espace for the Future” to help breeders find ways to put their systems and farming practices on a more carbon-friendly track. Testimonials from breeders and experts, as well as discussions and debates between livestock professionals and members of civil society will provide food for thought there. This key moment will shed light on real commitments and ambitions on the part of farmers and their partners for a tomorrow in favour of climate. Once again, SPACE, as Europe’s leading livestock trade show for professionals, will demonstrate by addressing this topic that it is firmly focused on the challenges of tomorrow’s animal husbandry industry.

During these three days of the Expo, the moderators of the Espace for the Future will also be able to explain how agriculture, and breeding in particular, can, thanks to some of the changes already under way, contribute to climate solutions. Farming, beyond the fact that it feeds communities, can also store carbon and produce energy.

The engineers of the Chambers of Agriculture in Brittany identified testimonials from farmers who drew on the Parcours ClimatCulteur initiative in their aim to move towards more carbon-friendly practices. Thanks to that initiative, designed to guide reflections on low-carbon farming, they adopted the Climate-Energy plan and mobilised various levers to ensure long-term viability for their farms. Depending on the type of production, available opportunities and the specific interest of each farmer, they individually tackled that challenge at their own pace, the only indicator being the carbon footprint of their business. For some of them, the lever they chose was protein self-sufficiency, for others savings on energy and production, or even planting hedgerows. There are plenty of levers, and the three days of SPACE are sure to be chockfull of content in order to cover them all.

Committed to listening to farmers and supporting them as they make the shift in favour of climate, exhibitors offer products and innovative systems to help make that happen. They are currently being selected for presentation at the Espace for the Future.

Take note: the 36th edition of SPACE will take place from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 September 2022, at the Rennes Exhibition Centre, in France. 

Thanks to its location and its professional base, SPACE is the unmissable event for all professionals of livestock production: cattle (dairy and beef), poultry, pigs, ovine, goats, rabbits and aquaculture.

The 2021 SPACE edition in figures:

  • 1 120 exhibitors of all sectors: animal feed and nutrition, livestock farming equipment, livestock farming buildings, animal health, milking, genetics, agrobiology, energy, aquaculture supplies.
  • more than 75 000 professional visitors
  • more than 4 600 international visitors from 96 countries
  • more than 100 conferences and symposiums

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