VIV 2022, come join the global gathering of the poultry sector in Utrecht

Published on May 17, 2022

VIV 2022, come join the global gathering of the poultry sector in Utrecht

VIV Europe is worldwide recognized as the top one platform for the poultry industry and a truly international B2B event for all professionals in the egg and poultry industry.

VIV Europe is organized every 4 years, this global Olympics of the animal protein sector, with around 600 exhibitors and 25,000 expected visitors, covers all species from poultry meat and eggs to pig meat, fish and dairy. In 2018 VIV Europe was the center of a full week of agro-business events promoting smart methods to improve efficiency, quality and sustainability, the International Week of Smart Food Production. This year, VIV Europe takes place from May 31st till June 2nd.

The no. 1 Trade Show of the egg and poultry sector

VIV Europe is the show of the poultry & egg industries. Hundreds of solutions for your broilers and layers business get displayed by Dutch innovators & world suppliers.

Clear focus on the poultry feed industry

VIV Europe 2022 puts special focus on feed production, feed mill, feed handling & storage, compound feed, feed ingredients and additives sector.

Four decades of network development

The brand carries a wide and highly specialized network of industry leaders pertaining to all the animal species that has been built over decades.

VIV Europe 2022 presents innovative services and technologies specifically enabling farmers and breeders to improve production, with a focus on the poultry and egg sector.

These Innovations and more cutting-edge solutions for all animal species will be showcased onsite. Passionate and knowledgeable exhibitors are eager to walk you into the future of the animal husbandry sector!

Global expertise, local practice

Global food systems make us vulnerable in the time of worldwide crisis. In addition, the call of consumers for sustainable food production becomes louder. The role of Local food production is essential next to the Global supply chains. The Global and Local systems need to be brought into a suitable balance.

VIV Europe 2022 provides the required Global expertise to boast the Local practice in a sustainable way. It puts focus on how current and future trends in feed, breeding & hatching, farming, health & nutrition, slaughtering and egg handling & processing – may lead to develop a supply chain with fewer links.

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This year, VIV Europe 2022 is co-located with VICTAM International:

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