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Published on May 10, 2021

World Poultry Day 2021

Contributing to sustainable food production, animal welfare, addressing antimicrobial resistance, and protecting animal health and welfare are several of the core values embraced by the global poultry sector. Today, on World Poultry Day, we celebrate our birds and the people who look after them.

There are more people involved in the poultry sector than only egg farmers and poultry producers. Besides farmers there are poultry nutritionists, poultry geneticists, field technicians, poultry veterinarians, hatchery employees, barn operators, and live animal transporters. All of them are passionate about making their contribution to set the standard on sustainable animal breeding and animal production. Only by working together we can make our contribution, that’s why we are so proud of our animals, the people we work with and everybody else involved in the global egg and poultry sectors.

To increase the standard of sustainable poultry production, we have developed PRIMA, and we have made it freely available for the entire egg and poultry industry. By championing continuous development in sustainability, this latest initiative, PRIMA, will carve the way for sustainable egg and poultry meat production and enable egg and poultry businesses to adopt this tool to gain insight in what their flocks are telling. Contributing to both animal health and welfare, as well as sustainable food production.

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