Technical support

Technical support

The goal of our Technical Service and Support team is to help our customers, and their customers, around the globe to get the best out of their laying hens. We aim to provide value at every stage of the value chain from breeding and genetics, to the end product of healthy, high quality eggs for the end consumer. Sharing knowledge is just one of the ways to ensure egg producers are set up for success. This knowledge portal contains a wealth of high quality technical information to get the best performance possible from your birds. Our team of technical specialist have prepared technical materials for you on different topics: Flock Management, Hatchery and Incubation, Poultry Nutrition, Poultry Diseases, Farm Biosecurity, Animal Health and Welfare, and Poultry Breeding.


Management requires careful attention to the farm environment, including ventilation, temperature, and lighting. Learn more about environmental conditions.


Good nutrition will help birds achieve growth milestones, strong livability and low feed conversion ratios. Learn more about guidelines on diet formulation and feeding strategies.

Poultry Diseases

Poultry diseases can negatively affect the health and performance of your flock. Learn more about how to diagnose chicken diseases based on the clinical signs, and how to prevent and treat disease.


Proper processes and systems in incubation are important for healthy development and good performance. Learn more about incubation factors such as temperature and humidity.


Breeding is at the core of what we do. Accurate data collection and clear selection objectives all go into delivering strong genetic solutions.


Biosecurity involves keeping facilities safe and disease-free. Learn more about the important areas of biosecurity including cleanliness and disinfection, personal hygiene and contaminant control.

Health & Welfare

The health and welfare of the flock is the main concern of any egg producer. Learn more about reaching genetic potential by managing health and wellness in your flock.


The egg, is a healthy, affordable protein with a low carbon footprint. Learn more about achieving good egg quality including shell strength and color, yolk color, internal quality, egg weight, etc.