Another 500 egg story

Published on Nov. 2, 2020

Another 500 egg story

The Dekalb did it again, 503.3 eggs per hen housed in even less than 99 weeks! Another flock of Dekalb White has reached an impressive milestone; they have been able to produce an average of 503.3 eggs per hen housed, in even less than 99 weeks. What makes it extra special, is the fact that this flock was kept under organic conditions.

This impressive result has been achieved under the great care and stockman ship of Andreas, responsible for the day-to-day care of the flock that started off with 14.718 Dekalb Whites.

The Grünloh farm, owned by Heinz Grünloh, is located in the Emsland in Germany. A region which experienced a vast growth in egg production during the past decade. Next to keeping laying hens, the Grünloh family owns several poultry houses in which they grow broilers. It has been just the 3rd flock of laying hens since this laying house was constructed a few years ago. When you look at the data, you can clearly see the high persistency in egg production, combined with the very low weekly mortality. It is only towards the end when the mortality slightly went up. The current flock, also Dekalb Whites that are just over 50 weeks of age (pictured), is even ahead compared to the previous flock. Fingers crossed they will outperform their predecessors.

laying performances.png

When we asked Andreas for his key to success, he mentioned that it is not only important to have the best birds, to take very good care of these birds and to look for the signals that the birds give to you, but that you need to make sure that you also take care of your eggs.

This already starts by taking care of a clean environment at the beginning of the day, prior to the eggs being produced and turning on the egg belts. You will not be surprised that we tell you that Andreas is an early bird! Paying extra attention to the care and collection of your eggs is a wise thing to do, it will increase your number of 1st quality eggs. Especially in the case of organic egg production this will pay off financially as well.

Big congratulations to Heinz, Andreas and the always enthusiastic team of ab ovo bio, the distributor of organic Dekalb White pullets in Germany.


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