US Customer Spotlight: Featherton Farms

Published on Nov. 1, 2023

US Customer Spotlight: Featherton Farms

In the picturesque countryside of Featherton Farms, the Meck family legacy thrives. For three generations, they have cultivated a tradition of producing top-quality table eggs. The farm's evolution is evidence of their dedication and passion.

In 2017, Matt and Susan Meck (pictured above) took a bold step, turning into a new era for Featherton Farms by replacing their older cage facilities with two cage-free layer houses. Their focus was clear: creating an environment that adhered to California-compliant regulations while meeting the demand for cage-free white table eggs. Costco, became one of their primary partners, sharing their vision of providing cage-free eggs to consumers. To uphold their certifications, they undergo meticulous audits, ensuring every standard is met.

"Auditors consistently commend their well-being and performance"

Central to their success is the careful selection of the right breed. Matt and Susan chose the Dekalb White birds, a decision that proved invaluable. Matt emphasizes, "In this high-stakes cage-free poker match, the Dekalb White's two-cycle longevity ensures my birds stay healthy, robust, and productive. I’m contracted by productivity, so keeping my birds alive and productive is the only way to financial gain. Auditors consistently commend their well-being and performance."

Managing a successful poultry farm is more than a financial venture; it's an art. Matt's strategic management tweaks, combined with the Dekalb White, excellent temperament and minimal floor eggs, have yielded outstanding results. Quick achievement of the desired egg size is crucial. Featherton Farms achieved a remarkable 48-pound case weight before the 30-week mark in both current and previous flocks, a feat attributed to precise nutrition management provided by Heritage Poultry Management Systems.

Reflecting on their journey, the Meck family takes pride in their accomplishments. In the previous flocks, the sustained dedication led to remarkable milestones. By 113 weeks of age, House 1 and House 2 boasted an impressive 549.5 and 549.2 eggs per hen, respectively. The current flocks, at 50 weeks, are thriving, ready to follow these successes.

Featherton Farms isn't just a farm; it's a sanctuary. Their principles are embodied in their farm slogan, "Where laughing chickens lay loving eggs," encapsulating the care, time, and effort invested in their flocks.

A heartfelt thank you to Matt and Susan Meck for their solid commitment, making Hendrix Genetics an integral part of their remarkable journey. Featherton Farms stands as a sign of excellence, a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and genuine care.

Featherton Hens
The Dekalb White laying hens at Featherton Farms

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