A Successful Technical Seminar in Surabaya, East Java

Published on Aug. 2, 2023

A Successful Technical Seminar in Surabaya, East Java

On July 25th, PT Sapta Karya Megah (SKM), the distributor of ISA Brown in East Java, joined forces with Ceva Animal Health and Hendrix Genetics Layers Indonesia to host an exciting seminar in Surabaya. The theme "Discovering the Future: Improving Layer Quality" perfectly summed up the event's purpose.

Over 60 people attended from different parts of Indonesia, with most coming from East & Central Java, and Sulawesi. We had the support of Hendrix Genetics Layers' technical team, and Rafael Lera presented on "Good Layer Management to Improve Efficiency," focusing on essential rearing aspects. The seminar began with speeches from Thomas Ribut Subagyo, DVM - Director of PT Sapta Karya Megah; Edy Purwoka, DVM - Country Manager of PT Ceva Animal Health Indonesia; and Henry Hendrix, Director of PT ISA Indonesia. The audience appreciated the valuable insights from key speakers, including Thomas Ribut Subagyo, Marcela Paniago, and Rafael Lera from SKM. Their expertise left a positive impact and received great feedback. We thank everyone who made this seminar possible, especially our technical team members, Rafael Lera and Erwan Julianto.

The event showcased our commitment to empowering the poultry industry in Indonesia with advanced knowledge and solutions for better layer quality. As we look ahead to future endeavors, we remain dedicated to innovation and growth in the poultry sector.

Together, we will explore new horizons for Excellence!

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