Quality that Counts, the success of Hisex Brown

Published on June 12, 2024

Quality that Counts, the success of Hisex Brown

Gemilang Farms, nestled in the heart of Central Java, stands as a testament to dedication and innovation in the Indonesian layer industry. Led by Mr. Prasojo and his three brothers, this third-generation farm has set new standards with their Hisex Brown flocks.

With precision and care, Gemilang Farms manages approximately 600,000 layers across open and closed houses, showcasing a commitment to excellence. Their recent achievements at barns CH2 and CH3 clearly demonstrate their expertise and dedication.

The laying hens in barn CH2 (28,756 birds were housed) started of really nice and managed to maintain a steady laying rate and reasonable low weekly mortality. The flat egg weight curve paved the way forward for continued high egg production until 100 weeks of age. 60 grams of average egg weight was already met at 28 weeks of age and showed only limited increase between 35 and 70 weeks of age. This supported the laying hens to maintain the production of first quality eggs all the way up to 100 weeks without molting. Taken all together, this flock of Hisex Brown laying hens was able to reach an impressive number of 484.1 eggs per hen housed!

Gemilang CH2

Meanwhile, barn CH3 saw equally impressive performance, with 29,258 laying hens surpassing expectations. Despite minor management challenges, these Hisex Brown hens achieved an even higher laying rate with minimal mortality. The secret? An even flatter egg weight curve, especially between 70 and 100 weeks of age, resulting in a staggering 493.6 eggs per Hen Housed at 100 weeks of age. The flat egg weight curve resulted not only in the persistent production of eggs, but also in the persistency of egg quality.

Gemilang CH3

"Gemilang Farms has clearly demonstrated that the slogan of Hisex, Quality that Counts, matches with the performance in the field"

One noteworthy aspect is that Gemilang Farm boasts its own feed mill, showcasing a comprehensive and integrated approach to poultry farming. This not only ensures control over the quality of the feed but also reflects Mr. Prasojo's forward-thinking to sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Gemilang Farms' partnership with Hendrix Genetics underscores their commitment to excellence and innovation. With their focus for detail, and their meticulous data collection, they continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the Indonesian egg industry.

Their recent recognition at the Layer Solution Day event in Solo speaks volumes about their leadership and achievements. As they continue to inspire and innovate, Gemilang Farms remains at the forefront of the Indonesian layer poultry market, setting the bar higher with each cluck and crow. The outstanding results that they have achieved with their Hisex Brown flocks, allow them to invest in further expansion, and in closed farm houses for their laying hens, allowing them to break new egg-producing records in Indonesia.

We as Hendrix Genetics, are excited to have Gemilang Farms among our growing customer base. Gemilang Farm is a clear leader in the Indonesian Layer Industry, and by sharing knowledge and partnering together we will gain more insights into their successful strategies and to further unlock the capabilities of our Hisex Brown and ISA Brown layers in Indonesia.

The Breeding Philosophy of Hendrix Genetics Layers

Hendrix Genetics Layers have a long-term track-record on breeding for the most persistent layers in the market. Our breeding philosophy have been aiming for flat egg weight curves since the mid-nineties of the previous century, together with the unrivalled attention for persistency of lay, this currently is paying off with excellent shell quality at older ages, increased survival of hens and laying rates being maintained over 90% for much longer than any other breed available.

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