Discover Layer Vision 28

Published on April 6, 2023

Discover Layer Vision 28

The shifting of the seasons has started, and we are well underway in 2023. We are dealing with a turbulent world market, todays’ economic environment is characterized by instability, uncertainty, and frequent fluctuations in market conditions, caused by the various global conflicts, political instability, trade disputes, and natural disasters. This turbulent world market is still resulting in the increase of many goods, foods, and services. Especially with eggs we see that there has been a significant increase in the price of eggs, as egg prices in the USA and many European countries have more than doubled within the past 12 months. This has been noticed by the media, talking about “Eggflation”, or 2023’s new liquid gold. Eggflation can have a significant impact on consumers, especially in countries where eggs are a staple food item.

The supply of eggs has been tight, as laying hen flocks have been lost all over the globe as they have been hit by one of the largest outbreaks of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) ever recorded. But this relative lack of supply is not the only factor in the rising cost of eggs: other inflation matters, too. The cost of chicken feed, labor, fuel prices and energy prices are also increasing, contributing to higher price tags in the grocery. Egg consumption is generally higher during the colder months, as people tend to bake more during this time of the year, or the association of eggs with religious festivities like Passover, Easter and Eid- al-Fitr. And let’s not forget that eggs are one of food’s most versatile ingredients: boiled, poached, fried, raw, whipped, in soups, salads, sauces, sweets or savories, making eggs perfect for every course of every event. Fortunately, shoppers stay loyal, and keep on buying their eggs, showing their willingness to pay for such wonderful staple food. And we should not forget that eggs are still the cheapest and among most sustainable animal protein, after all.

Via this newsletter we would like to share with you the latest edition of Layer Vision. In this edition we have tried once again to share some interesting customer stories and some of the latest developments in the egg sector, next to this we will pay a special tribute to Hybrid Turkeys, our sister company, who are celebrating 70 years of turkey breeding.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy!

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