Layer Vision 30 now available to read

Published on March 28, 2024

Layer Vision 30 now available to read

Welcome to the latest edition of Layer Vision Magazine. In this edition we will take you along a series of engaging stories, via which we try to explain our ongoing efforts in genetic selection and the achievements in the field that are driving progress and sustainability within the global egg sector.

At the heart of this edition lies the principle of balanced breeding, a fundamental approach that we are practicing for decades, and has helped us in guiding our genetic practices towards egg producers, improving laying hen welfare and overall laying hen performance. This will be demonstrated in the various articles that we share with all of you in this edition of Layer Vision magazine. From customer stories, to progress in breeding, all the way up to Random Sample Test updates, each story highlights the growing impact of our breeding program on the success of egg producers around the globe.

We also use this edition to celebrate the milestones of SASSO, who clearly have their reasons for celebrating. As we bask in the spirit of Easter, a season of rebirth and growth, the poultry industry stands as a symbol of resilience and progress. Like the blooming flowers of spring, the egg sector continues to evolve, innovate, and flourish, driven by the global sector’s collective commitment to make progress and improve the overall sustainability of egg production.

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