Management Guide for Hot and Tropical Climates is available

Published on April 12, 2021

Management Guide for Hot and Tropical Climates is available

During the past decade, the highest growth in the world’s egg production took place in (semi-) tropical regions. Asia, Africa, south and central America are the continents that have experienced massive growth in the production of eggs, and future growth is still forecasted to be high in these regions in the coming decades.

It is not always easy to rear chicks and manage laying hens under these (semi-) tropical conditions even though the red junglefowl (e.g. the ancestor of today’s modern laying hens) originates from these semi-tropical/jungle regions. With the ever-increasing summer temperatures and number of heatwaves in the more temperate regions of the world, heat stress is also occurring more often and becoming a bigger challenge for more and more egg producers all over the globe. We have developed this management guide to provide the latest insights and practical tips and tricks to egg producers all over the world to help to improve the wellbeing and the performance of their flocks. We trust that this management guide Hot and Tropical Climates will make a positive contribution to the continuous improvement in the performance of laying hens all over the globe. We hope that each reader will be able to find some useful information from this management guide. More information on rearing and keeping laying hens can be found in our other publications. All our technical publications are freely available to you, please have a look at the technical support section for the full overview.

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