Hendrix Genetics and Chi Farms are expanding their partnership

Published on Feb. 23, 2022

Hendrix Genetics and Chi Farms are expanding their partnership

Chi Farms Ltd., an agribusiness company and a member of TGI Group, has announced its partnership expansion with Hendrix Genetics, which will increase the production of layer day-old chicks in Nigeria.

Managing Director of Chi Farms, Dr Tunji Olaitan, said: “Our strategic expansion program will respond to demand forecasts in the short, mid and long term by providing both breeder chicks and commercial layer chicks in response to market demands. We are also committed to developing our pen houses and hatchery capacities. Upgrades on the existing infrastructure in line with continuous technical improvements are being carried out for world-class poultry management”.

Hendrix Genetics Area Manager Africa, Peter Arts, said: “We are excited to expand the scope of our partnership with Chi Farms to continue to improve breed quality, increase production volume to meet market demands, and provide technical training through our breeding programs.”

Executive Director – Chi Farms, Martin Middernacht, said Chi Farms and Hendrix Genetics will jointly invest in a special poultry training centre for local farmers.

“The special poultry training centre is currently under construction. It will consist of demonstration pen houses, equipment and classrooms to provide technical training for the customers and partners of Chi Farms and other interested parties,” he said.

20220113 Mr Middernacht, Chi Farms Nigeria 2.jpg

Martin Middernacht, executive director of Chi Farms (in the center) with Hans Piters, Managing Director Hendrix Genetics Layers (left) and Jolanda van Haarlem, CEO Hendrix Genetics (right), during his recent visit to the Hendrix Genetics headquarters in the Netherlands

Chi Farms Limited receiving the Prestigious – Agribusiness Company of the Year - Award

The prestigious award, agribusiness Company of the Year-Livestock, was awarded to Chi Farms Limited by the Oyo State Governor during the Oyo State 2021 AgriSummit at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA).

Chi Farms Limited is a member of the Tropical General Investments (TGI) Group, and the distributor of ISA Brown and Dekalb Amberlink in Nigeria. Chi Farms it is an integrated agro-allied company that has been in active business for nearly thirty years in Nigeria. The company ranks among the top agricultural companies in Nigeria today employing innovative approaches and technologies. They have a continuous drive towards contributing their quota to National food security. Over the years, Chi Farms has strengthened and diversified its product ranges and services in poultry (both laying hens and broilers), aquaculture, fish, and meat processing. It also offers a range of other services including technical support services, laboratory services and training institute for capacity building and manpower development.

Expanding their Hatchery

In 2021 they have expanded their hatchery capacity from 36 million day-old-chicks per year to 44 million day-old-chicks per year. Dr. Ananda Raj, the Chief Operations Officer, stated that the expansion was necessary to meet increasing production demands of day-old-chicks across the country. "Expanding our operations will enable us have better control, supervision and most importantly sustain our quality standards while we meet the continuously growing demands from customers," he said. With the growing demand for eggs in Nigeria, driven by increased consumption and population growth, the next expansion is already planned. By expanding their hatchery capacity, Chi Farms clearly remains the market leader with premium quality products and integrating the latest technologies in the Nigerian poultry industry. The Executive Director of Chi Farms, Dr. Olaitan Olaofe stated: "Some of the innovations in the pipeline for Chi Farms include infrared break treatment machine (PSP), which offers stress-free and precision debeaking options with real time added value for both the egg producers and the chicken itself.

Investing in their Poultry Farms

In addition to expanding their hatchery, Chi Farms is accelerating their poultry housing modification projects and the conversion of naturally ventilated poultry houses to fully climate-controlled houses. These continuous investments in expansion projects geared at improving their business processes lays credence to their slogan: Exceeding your quality expectations." Dr. Ananda Raj spoke about the company’s innovation to improve its poultry operation. “Our hatching of Great Grandparent Stock eggs required the improvement of our hatchery equipment in environmentally controlled houses to hatch into GPS, PS eggs, broiler and layer breeds. Our focus on improving the safety of the eggs and the hatching capabilities is tantamount to our commitment to quality production.” Dr. Ananda Raj further commented, “We have a strict biosecurity protocol and a well-balanced, formulated feed for the GPS at different stages. This meets the requirement of birds while adhering to the Hendrix Genetics guidelines.”

Dr. Olaitan Olaofe, commented on the company’s focus on quality service and its position in the Nigerian Market. “Being the only active GPS farm and the major supplier of Parent Stock day-old Chicks in the country, we are well positioned in both the broiler and layer breeder market. Our supply of PS eggs to breeder farms all over the country sets out the responsibility for quality service in our operation”, he said.

Peter Arts, area Manager for English speaking Africa commented: “We are proud to collaborate with partners like Chi Farms, who clearly are setting the standard for quality and sustainable farming!

The outstanding development Chi Farms went thru since the start in 1986 was not possible without the tremendous work done by the Managing Director Mr. Martin Middernacht, together with the Executive Director Dr. Olaitan Olaofe. Our acknowledgment is going especially to these two persons who are still in charge of Chi Farms Limited today”.

Congratulations from the entire team of Hendrix Genetics Layers to Chi Farms Limited for achieving this prestigious award!

Chi 4.jpg

Dr. Ananda Raj receiveing the prestigious award

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