Published on March 2, 2021

Layer Vision, Issue 24 Now Available

In this edition of Layer Vision we discuss our collaboration on trending topics facing the egg industry. Recently, we are seeing more interest in parts of Europe to grow male layers. A practice that became rare in Europe during past decades, contrary to many other countries where it remained common practice. With the ongoing discussion of the culling of day-old male chicks there is a rise in attention to find a sustainable solution. We have also invited Dr. Zavala, one of the worlds most renowned experts on poultry health in the egg industry, to provides insight on flock performance, health and livability through a multifactorial approach.

As leaders in sustainable breeding, Hendrix Genetics continuously conducts research on the breeding and genetic selection of insects, as insects might be the feed for the future! Currently we are involved in research collaboration with Dr. Toscano and his research group from the University of Bern joining forces for the HenTrack project to investigate the genetics of behavior in cage-free housing systems.

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