Published on Feb. 1, 2022

The 26th edition of Layer Vision is available to read

We are pleased to share with you the latest edition of Layer Vision. In this edition of Layer Vision, we will be focusing a lot on our customers from all around the globe and share many of their inspiring stories and highlights. It is because of our valued customers that we exist and that we can invest in our breeding programs to breed laying hens that can perform better with every new generation that we bring on the market.

We will share the story of Orbem, one of our latest research collaborations that we started. With the Orbem-technology we can reveal what’s hidden inside the hatching egg, even prior to set the hatching eggs in the setters. Also, an update on the SAPPSA project is available in this Layer Vision.
As already revealed by the cover of this edition, we will put the Eggceptional Egg in the spotlight. In the end, it is the egg that ends up at the plate of the consumer, but also the egg that forms the bases of a newborn chick. So, a tribute to the egg, Eggceptional in most of its features, is at it place.

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