Looking back to 2021

Published on Dec. 27, 2021

Looking back to 2021

During this final week of 2021 it is time to look back at our accomplishments of the past year. What a great year it has been when looking to our digital support activities! Thank you so much for using our technical support tools and in finding your way to our websites for downloading all these complementary tools that have been developed to support your business and the entire egg sector.

Please find below an overview of some of our highlights.

Hatchery Management Guide in different languages

Our technical experts and translators have worked hard to have the Hatchery Management guide available in multiple languages. Discover our Hatchery Management Guide in English, Russian, Spanish or French.

Discover the Hatchery Management guide
hatchery management guide news header 598x308.jpg

Disease 1 pagers

Our team of international veterinary experts took the effort to write 1-pagers on the most common diseases in poultry. Over 20 diseases have been explained, and we are still counting. Discover the disease 1 pagers

Go to the disease 1-pagers
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Layer Vision magazine

Layer Vision, our bi-annual magazine, has been released in March and September. In our Layer Vision magazine, you can read inspiring customer stories, check out our latest R&D developments, discover trends in the egg industry and witness the continuous proven performance of the Hendrix Genetics breeds.



PRIMA, get real-time insight in your flocks’ performance on your cellphone or tablet. With the release of PRIMA, we make it possible for every single egg producer in the world, to collect flock data in a structured way, and to monitor the performance of the flock. Data insight and the monitoring of data helps you to work more efficiently and increase the general health and productivity of your birds. Take advantage of PRIMA and always be in full control of your flocks.

Download PRIMA
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Management guide for Hot and Tropical Climates

Last year we already released updated management guides for Alternative and cage housing systems, this year we added an extra edition, with the focus on hot and tropical climates. Download the Management Guide for Hot and Tropical Climates.

Management guide for Hot and Tropical Climates
response of a laying hen to heat stress English.jpg

Eggs, true superfoods

2021 was a great year for the promotion of eggs. They have been ranked among most sustainable sources of protein for human consumption, and next to this they have been named star ingredient by the United Nations. Let’s hope 2022 will be as great!

global egg production.JPG

Insect protein

2021 has not only been great for eggs, for insects as well! More and more countries are allowing insect protein to be included in farm animal diets, including poultry. Currently prices of insect protein and fat are not competitive to those coming from plants, but we clearly see many developments on insect breeding and farming around us.

Discover more about insect protein
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World Egg Day 2021

2021 allowed us to celebrate World Egg Day again on a large scale. All over the globe colleagues and customers and industry partners have been celebrating this excellent opportunity to promote the consumption of eggs.

Mail Header_World Egg Day_October_2020_EN.jpg

A new look and feel for our Brands

This year we had the chance to take our laying hens into the photo studio, and what a great result it has been. Updated brand pictures are available for all our main brands. They area available to all our customers upon request.

Request the pictures

Next to this there was so much more that we accomplished in 2021. Take some time to explore our website, and subscribe yourself to our e-mailings. Please reach out to us in case you have any suggestions, improvements, or special requests.

"Thank you for your trust and confidence in 2021, let’s make 2022 even better than 2021! "

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